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 Arable farming represents a considerable investment for farmers and our aim is to provide technical and product support to maximise customers outcome. In field technical support is available from our experience trading specialists. We buy and sell bulk Wheat, Barley, Peas, Beans and Oilseed Rape, ex farm or delivered, tipped or blown. We trade moist and unassured grain on a farm-to-farm basis. We supply a selection of cereal seeds as recommended by NIAB, for home grown seed we offer a cleaning and dressing service. 

  • Current trials
  • Harvest Reports
  • Grain Price trends over the Month/Year 

We can tailor grain marketing to your individual requirements, using options, minimum pricing, virtual storage and other storage deals to help you manage your cash flow and risk. We do not believe in grain pools, as they do not provide you with a clear pricing structure or marketing model. Grain pools simply provide national merchants with available tonnes to limit free market trade.

We keep up to date with current grain market values and analyse trends in the market on a daily basis allowing us to be competitive with our prices and forecast futures.  We regularly update our customers with grain market trends and any relevant up to date literature. We can offer expert advice assessing each individuals business and requirements.

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