Fertiliser Trading

Fertiliser Trading

We supply product from fertiliser manufacturers such as CF Industries and Bunns as well as many importers, and can offer all well know grades, Urea, imported nitrogen, phosphate and potash blends, liming products plus additional trace elements and soil conditioners.

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We are FIAS audited and only deal with FIAS register suppliers and hauliers, maintaining quality and traceability.

We also offer fertiliser advice packages offering you expertise and guidance in determining the best product for your business.


We have many products available therefore we can have them delivered onto farm within a short delivery window. We keep up to date with current news in the fertiliser industry therefore can offer information and advice on application rate and the best product to suit individual needs.


Due to customer demand we also supply a range of alternative fertiliser products such as Fibrophos and P-Grow. Both provide effective fertiliser with specific benefit’s over convention fertiliser product. We can arrange delivery and spreading of bulk products using a network of contractors.

We supply agricultural lime to customers in our trading area, usage of lime across arable and livestock areas has fallen in recent years. Soil pH is more important than ever, ensuring nutrient availability for the cropping crop.

We have FACTs qualified advisers to give crop nutrition advice, put together fertiliser plans and maximise use of manures and sludge’s.

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