Concentrate & Mineral Buckets

We product a range of Feed, mineral & salt licks to provide ad-lib supplementation beef, sheep, dairy and horses. As a standard we make 20kg buckets but by request we make 100kg and 500kg blocks

Examples products:

Tripple XXX: a 16ME bucket with 3 sources of energy, triple xxx has the highest energy properties of the range, along with protected sources of minerals.

RumiPro: Beneficial for all ruminants aiding growth and lactation as well as improving reproductive health. Ideal for balancing energy and protein formulations.

Autumn Ewe: An Autumn feed block for tupping and winter nutrition. Contains OMEGA 3 for fertility & protected minerals for health status and foetus growth.

Summer Graze Garlic – a bucket designed for grazing animals with high zinc, cobalt  to promote healthy growth and garlic to keep flies off them.

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