We product a range of blended feed from AR Blending at Mordon, Sedgefield.

The Mission statement for AR Blending is;

‘To produce quality blended feeds, using locally produced grain, with a fixed formulation. Providing quality, effective and economic rations for dairy, beef and sheep customers’

Example products produced at the blending plant are:

  • Intensive Beef – a beef finishing ration, using 50% barley to produce a 14% protein finisher ration. Shown to finish cattle with growth rates up to 1.2kg/head/day.
  • Beef Protein Blend + Live yeast – a 30% protein concentrate to mix with cereals, containing a full rate live yeast, shown to be effective at growing and finishing cattle. The live yeast has helped customers to reduced issues with laminitis or “hot feet” in the final weeks of finishing.  
  • 40% Protein beef blend – very concentrate blend to mix with cereals and finish cattle. For at 14% ration mix with cereals at 10% blend / 90% cereals
  • Calf Rearing blend – a 17% Diet containing micronized peas and maize. Suitable for cattle from weaning onwards or fed in a hopper.
  • All Stock 16% - an un-mineralised blend of distillers, wheat feed and sugar beet. Blended to give a homogenous feed for any class of livestock. This can also be mixed with on farm grain to finish cattle or sheep.
  • Store Lamb Blend – a 14% lamb grower / finisher blend, containing supaflow to reduce acidosis and 7% molasses in improve feed intake.
  • Prime Ewe 18% blend – a very effective 18% diet for ewes up to lambing. Containing whole oats as a quality fibre and energy source and high pro soya to enhance the protein level.
  • 30% Ewe Blend – a concentrate ewe blend to mix with cereals on farm.

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